Thursday, August 20, 2009

Raise your hand if you love history... and a give-away

It seems like so many homeschooling moms say they develop a love for history once they start teaching their kids. Well, history has always been my favorite subject, even as a young girl. I particularly loved American History, which led to an interest in government, which led to a degree in political science, which led to a Masters in Public Administration, which led to... being a wife and homeschooler. And I wouldn't change a bit of it, because now I can study history all over again! Except that the materials are much better this time around. Story of the World (or insert any number of excellent history curricula on the market). Timelines. Lots and lots of great books. Fun projects. And this...

Are you familiar with the Liberty's Kids series? Here is a description from the Liberty Kids website.

The primary goal of the Liberty's Kids TV series is to provide 7-12 year olds with a fresh and exciting experience of the extraordinary period of 1773 to 1789 in American history.

Through the eyes of two young apprentice reporters named Sarah and James, viewers of Liberty's Kids will go on adventures in search of the real stories of the American Revolution. Sarah is a proper British girl right off the ship from England and James, a fifteen-year-old apprentice, sees things from a cocky colonist's perspective. They meet famous historical figures such as George Washington, plus other figures that should be, like Phillis Wheatley - a published poet while still enslaved. Although the setting is Colonial America, Liberty's Kids' characters find themselves in the middle of a revolution that confronts issues that still fill the newspapers today - gun control, downsizing government, lower taxes, freedom of the press, and race relations.

Sarah and James are followed around by eight-year-old Henri, a spirited immigrant from France. Moses, a former slave who freed himself, watches over them for his employer, the remarkable Benjamin Franklin, with whom we travel to Europe as he fights for recognition and assistance for the young nation.

The entire show is produced using high quality animation and creates an exciting world that today's kids can jump into and discover the real stories of the incredible time that gave birth to the United States of America. Liberty's Kids offers caretakers, from parents to teachers, an extraordinary resource through which they can share with young people the inspiring stories, characters, and values at the heart of America's great experiment in democracy.

Several years ago it was on PBS and my kids loved it. Then it disappeared. Last year repeats were being shown on a cable channel at the oh so convenient time of 6:00 a.m.! But then last fall I heard through the homeschool grapevine that the entire series was being released on DVD, so we quickly pre-ordered our copy. Part of me wanted to save it to use as a supplement for our history studies this year, but the kids would have none of that. They wanted to watch it right away. With 40 episodes (a running time of 15 hours), this six-disc set kept my kids (and myself) entertained for months. And my kids love to re-watch the episodes, so we will still incorporate it in our history studies this year.

So in honor of a new school year and my favorite subject, I am giving away a new (still in the shrink wrap) DVD set. I know some blogs have to get real complicated with the rules for their give-aways, but those are blogs with hundreds of readers. So here are my simple rules:

  • US residents only (sorry!).
  • Leave a comment at this post, telling me your favorite subject as a student or your favorite homeschooling subject.
  • You do not need to be a homeschooler to enter!
  • Blog about this give-away and leave a separate comment for a second chance to enter.
  • Contest ends Tuesday, August 25th at 11:59 p.m CST.
  • Winner will be announced the following morning.
I don't Twitter, Facebook, or anything else (I have a hard enough time keeping up with blogging!), so the only way to win is to comment. And if you don't win, it's okay -- you can still visit the Liberty's Kids website for fun games, activities, and teacher resources. There are even scripts for plays your little history buffs could perform.


  1. In response to your title... me, me, me!! Math was my favorite subject while in school though. I'm one of those who learned to love it while teaching. What a great give-away!

  2. Oh yes please! We LOVE LOVE LOVE history around here! I loved it in school too but it's so much better the 2nd time around. ;-)

  3. History is by far my favorite subject! Math would come in second, but I don't enjoy teaching - I just enjoy doing it! :D

  4. I totally agree with you about Liberty Kids. We are currently watching it to go along with our history studies. I am having to get it from Netflix one disc at a time, we are only on disc 3. Would love to have our own copy.

  5. Glad to hear it's on Netflix unless we are the WINNERS but then we'll share too! LOVE Liberty's Kids! Couldn't believe it when I first saw it on TV, it's so good. We are awaiting our copy or Ordinary Parent's GTReading, and embarking on our maiden voyage of the formal years of schooling. Have visited your site before, but didn't realize you had Michigan roots. I'm a southerner, but married a boy who is all Uof M, and returns each year for a game at the Big House. - I have a new appreciation for football- best for a wonderful school year, and look forward to visiting your site more- Laura

  6. Posted my link and am hoping if I don't win, a friend of mine will! I love history, & am thoroughly enjoying re-learning history I know and embarking on areas of study I just didn't get as a kid. I feel so blessed to have this opportunity to investigate history!

  7. My favorite subject was history! Now, I have a child that loves history so we are two peas in a pod. Thanks for the opportunity to win. Your blog rocks!

  8. I honestly couldn't pick a favorite subject. I just loved school! The only subject I didn't love was math, even though I did learn to love it in college.

    What a fantastic giveaway! Our family loves Liberty's Kids. My husband is English and our two boys share English and American citizenship, so I especially appreciate the fact that Sarah Phillips' experience provides insight into the British point of view.

  9. I've posted about your giveaway on my blog ( Hurrah for a second chance to enter!

  10. Oh, this sounds cool! My favorite subject in school was reading. :) So I learned my love of history through my love of historical fiction. Being homeschooled, I never had to learn history as a list of dates, but found it to be a delightful tale of people and events.

  11. When I was in school, my favorite subject was art. In homeschooling our son, I am finding it is clearly history. I love it! Thanks for this giveaway- it's so nice to hear about quality programs for kids:-).

  12. History is my favorite subject to teach my outlaws, but English was my favorite when I was a student.

  13. I just posted about your give away on my blog.

    THANK YOU!! I'm excited . . .

  14. we would love this...we love liberty kids. Actually we haven't seen it for years and the kids were talking about it!
    I love to teach history and science and anything of our hearts desires. I love that my kids can have a say in al they learn!
    Oh and I love love love to teach a child to read!

  15. a kid History. As a homeschooling Mom....history. I just love it! I'm also growing a love of literature which never was something I cared for much as a kid.
    I love this series. They were such fun shows!! Thanks for doing a giveaway (Thanks to Louisiana Laura for blogging about it which brought me here)!

  16. If Liberty Kids had been on when I was growing up, it would have been my favorite show. As a child, I loved Science best; as a HS Mom, History! Thanks.