Monday, January 4, 2010

Brrrr...time for winter nature study! (and a giveaway announcement)

We were blessed with a white Christmas this year...

and a white New Year...

and Anna will have a white birthday tomorrow...

and if the temperatures don't start rising we'll have enough snow to last us until Valentines Day!

This morning when I picked Anna up from swim practice the temperature was - 2. Now, if you're from Minnesota or someplace similar, you're thinking big deal, it's -30 here! So if you'd like to warm up a bit, you're welcome to come visit us. : )

Oh, don't worry... this isn't a post to complain how cold it is. Unlike my husband, I love winter, cold temps and all. So I'm very excited to tell you about the giveaway Barb at Handbook of Nature Study is offering. Barb is the creator of the Outdoor Hour Challenges I blogged about in the fall, and she has written an ebook with 10 winter challenges -- plus notebooking pages, artist and composer studies, and art projects, all to go along with the challenges. She is giving away a copy of this ebook, so go enter now!


  1. Thanks for sharing my new ebook!

    Barb-Harmony Art Mom

  2. Thanks for sharing the info about the giveaway. That temp is pretty cold. It hasn't gotten out of the 30's in the past two days, and in Georgia that is cold.

  3. Thank you for sharing about the giveaway.

    Thank you for sharing about your weather. I feel much warmer now! I spent a lot of time in the midwest as a kid. I remember once it was so cold that the moisture from our breath froze on the inside of the windshield! Brrrr!!